ALLEX anti-dust mite treatment: for ultimate hygiene in your guest rooms


Hygiene is more than meets the eye and this certainly applies to guest rooms. Did you know that an average mattress holds up to 2 million dust mites? The mites prefer to live in mattresses, pillows and upholstered furniture that are used frequently and can cause allergic reactions to sensitive people going from mild to moderate and severe allergy symptoms. How can these dust mites be eliminated and prevented? ALLEX offers a solution for a comfortable stay and optimal hygiene in guest rooms.

ALLEX is an anti-dust mite product for ultimate hygiene in guest rooms. The product removes 80% of dust mite population after the 1st usage and can be used as a preventive treatment on a regular basis afterwards. It is a 100% safe and natural product that has scientifically and clinically proven results in the fight against dust mite and the allergy they cause. With ALLEX, guests are assured of a hygienic and healthy stay in hotels and guest houses.

Dust mites are microscopic bugs (0.2-0.3mm) that live in frequently used mattresses, pillows an upholstered furniture as dead skin cells are their primary food source. Dust mites are relatively harmless to humans, but their shed exoskeletons and droppings contain proteins that cause allergic reactions to sensitive people.

Reducing the quantity of dust mites is crucial in fighting them and meeting high hygiene standards. ALLEX contains natural ingredients that mimic the aggregation pheromones used by dust mites to communicate. As a result, the mites are attracted to the product-sprayed covering that is put on the furniture. The mites migrate from the interior of the bedding or upholstery to gather in the sprayed covering. Subsequently they can be eliminated all at once by washing the cover at higher temperatures or with a registered disinfection wash programme.

ALLEX is a solution based on natural, plant-derived ingredients. This means it contains no insecticides or chemicals and poses no risk of cytotoxity, skin sensitisation or skin irritation. It is completely safe for adults, children and pets. In comparison with competitive products it does not cover up or hide the mites, nor kill them with toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals, negatively impacting health and the environment. On top of that, the product is registered as a medical device with scientifically and clinically proven results. At least 80% of dust-mite population is eliminated after the first usage following the ALLEX method. After only 2 treatments, the percentage of patients that went from severe or moderate allergy symptoms to mild symptoms was more than halved, depending on the different symptoms.

Low temperatures, humidity and light levels are the enemies of dust mites. Keep rooms therefore as cool, dry and bright as possible to avoid infestations. Best practices are aerating bedrooms once a day, change bedding regularly and wash them at 60°C, close bathroom doors, maintain a constant indoor temperature, vacuum and avoid unnecessary textiles. And finally, the most effective way to ensure optimal hygiene is to treat dust mite hot spots with ALLEX.

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