Health Care


Our goal? To help fight healthcare associated infections.

CHRISTEYNS’s Life Sciences in Healthcare division helps prevent healthcare-related infections within a complex and increasingly demanding environment.

Working together with each client, we develop customised medical hygiene solutions. By providing relevant advice, these solutions help improve the performance of the different departments within healthcare institutions.

A full range of solutions that responds to your daily needs and challenges.

We offer a complete range of washing or antiseptic solutions, as well as hydroalcoholic products for hand hygiene. With their unique cosmetic design, these products promote higher acceptability, better tolerability and increase the compliance.

Cleaning and disinfecting medical instruments and equipment is essential.

We provide recommendations to specialised teams in order to help them select the best suited solution for their equipment, considering every item’s specificity (risk of biofilm formation, complex design, sensitive materials, compatibility, etc.).

The environment is a major focus where we must ensure effective action against strains that are of concern to us all: Clostridium Difficile, MRBs (Multiresistant Bacteria) and other XRBs (Highly Resistant Bacteria).

Our range of disinfectant detergents will respond efficiently to these present-day challenges, particularly with the use of peracetic acid.

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