Open plant cleaning, by Christeyns

Christeyns has developed a line of detergents for open plant cleaning in the meat & fish industry: Mida Foam. Mida Foam detergents easily eliminate organic and inorganic soils on equipment, surfaces, walls and floors. Not an easy task in this type of industry. But rest assured, our Mida Foam products get the job done right the first time.

Mida Foam-range

The table below shows the different types of products of our Mida Foam range. Please contact us if you need more information or a specific solution for your needs.

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Mida Foam

#00489bMida Foam

  • Alkaline and acid detergents that remove organic soils or limescale
  • Detergents with or without hypochlorite,
  • Detergents with or without solvents,
  • Detergents with or without sequestring agents,
  • Detergents for delicate surfaces,
  • Ecocert certified detergents.

Foam detergents with powerful cleaning properties


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