Hygiene solutions for the meat & fish industry

Meat & fish processing companies carry a heavy responsibility. You are not given credit for producing safe meat or fish, food safety is considered a basic requirement for each stage of the production chain. Make sure not to leave it to chance. We can help you with that.

Mida products: 100% efficiency

Our Mida® brand stands for excellent and efficient cleaning and disinfection of installations, surfaces, instruments and hands. For meat or fish processing plants, slaughterhouses and fat rendering factories, we offer a full range of sustainable solutions for

In combination with our quality equipment, our innovative hygiene monitoring systems, and our personal advice, you can reach the highest possible level of food safety and personal hygiene. Because you do not want to settle for less. 

Tailor-made solutions

As we always seek to find the solution that meets your specific needs, feel free to contact us for more details or for a specific solution. 

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