Disinfection is crucial

Impeccable hygiene is a prerequisite for food retailers. Do not leave it to chance and rely on Christeyns’ professional experience and know-how for the disinfection of your surfaces and hands.

Why peracetic acid?

Peracetic acid is the basic ingredient for our Symbioz Chriox disinfectants. Peracetic acid is environmentally friendlier than most disinfectants. As leading manufacturer of this peracetic acid, Christeyns developed a range of highly effective and biodegradable disinfectants. Their quality is proven – no microorganism outlives them.
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Our Symbioz Chriox disinfectants

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Symbioz Chriox 5

This disinfectant is suited for all food-contact surfaces. After use, it leaves no unnatural residues. Symbioz Chriox 5 complies with the European norms EN1276, EN13704, EN13697, and EN1650.

Symbioz Chriox Handwash

This germicidal soap meets the requirements of European norm EN 1499. Designed for washing hands, it is less aggressive to the skin than standard disinfectants


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