CIP in the Beverage & Brewing industry

Christeyns has developed a broad expertise in safety and hygiene requirements in the Beverage & Brewing industry.  We offer a wide range of Cleaning-in-Place products and solutions for your tanks, piping, filling stations and other installations. 

We aim at the highest quality and sustainability for our products. Our Mida Flow brand includes a whole range of highly effective detergents that clean every corner of your installations. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs and projects.

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Mida Flow

#00489bMida Flow

  • Alkaline detergents for tunnel washers and crates washing machines,
  • Detergents with or without hypochlorite,
  • Detergents with or without sequestering agents,
  • Ecocert certified detergents.
  • Highly effective cleaning action
  • Low foaming


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