“Tuupetegoare”, one for all, all for one!

BELGIUM (HQ) – Tuupetegoare, is a typical expression from the Ghent dialect. Perhaps you were thinking of a whopper of a typo? However, nothing could be further from the truth.

A true citizen of Ghent knows immediately what we mean. Tuupetegoare can be translated as “all together” or “one for all, all for one“. And that motto is exactly what we find important here at Christeyns.

That is also the reason why we launched the “tuupetegoare project” allready some time ago. With this project we want to emphasize the pleasant atmosphere on our work floor. A pleasant working environment is very important in many ways. A company where people like to work together is a company that can handle anything.

Delicious waffles & support for our Red Devils

To thank the Christeyns colleagues for their efforts, we provided them with delicious waffles last Monday. Mind you, they were not just waffles! Wout, an employee in the production department of the liquids, but also a qualified cook, warmed up the waffle irons for us. In addition to Wout’s crispy waffles, we challenged our employees to make a prediction about the outcome of the Finland – Belgium match for the European Championship 2021. In this way, Christeyns also wanted to give the Red Devils an extra push in the right direction.

No less than ten colleagues were able to predict the correct result. Based on our rating questions, it became a tense battle. In the end, we recorded a tie between Jürgen Velghe, an employee in our production department, and Hector Bostoen, son of CEO Alain Bostoen. For Hector it turned out to be a lucky shot, as he says he is not really a football expert.

We all keep our fingers crossed for the upcoming matches of our Red Devils in the European Championship! You too?

Delicious regional products

The winners of our prognostic could count on a basket filled with delicacies from our region. The gift basket was picked up at Groot Vleeshuis in the heart of Ghent, the shop for delicious regional products from East Flanders. Bon appetit!

And thank you Wout, for the delicious waffles.