Inviting aromas for your rooms and brands

Welcome your guests, comfort your patients, invite serenity into any living space or just give a clean and fresh impression: a perfume can fullfill different needs. Powerful and well selected aromas allow to customize every experience and give a unique signature to your environment or brand. The Christeyns ADOR range offers a wide range of perfumes to deliver this full sensory experience in different spaces. From subtle and calming scents, to bold, vibrant aromas that fill the room. ADOR has a fragrance portfolio that matches any occasion, mood or purpose. ADOR opens the door to a world of scent in all its dimensions to create long lasting impressions.


The Power of Scents

The brain associates certain smells with certain emotions which can positively (or negatively) influence people on how they feel at that moment. Using perfumes around your brand, product, service or even location can help you to establish these emotional connections with your customers on an olfactory level.


The range

The Christeyns ADOR portfolio includes a diverse range of fragrances to complement your brand or revitalise your rooms and spaces. The perfumes come in varying concentrations to for both a quick freshness as an intense, long lasting aroma. ADOR gives that signature scent for any occasion.



The ADOR Intense range consists of 10 unique scents, created with precision by skilled perfumers. Each fragrance is composed of different scent layers and notes and has a perfume concentration of (at least) 80%. The products are optimised for use in specialised perfume diffusers which make the scent notes stand out more and create an optimal sensory experience. ADOR Intense is available in 1L and 5L packaging.



ADOR Ambience provides an easy and convenient way to experience our premium ADOR Intense fragrances. The range is based on the same fragrances as our signature ADOR Intense range and is perfectly suited for use in a ready to use spray. It’s dedicated formula ensures a longlasting aroma. ADOR Ambiance is availabe in 1L and 5L packaging.



ADOR Air covers ready-to-use air fresheners for daily use. The air fresheners come in 8 unique, carefully selected scents: from standard fragrances to special sanitary formulas. The range is completed with a dedicated odor control product. The subtle, refreshing aromas are a perfect solution for scenting smaller rooms and areas. ADOR Air is available in 750ml and 5L packaging.


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