Christeyns by Saprena

FRANCE – Together with Saprena, a French social enterprise that employs people with an intellectual or physical disability in the French department of Loire-Atlantique, we have created the joint brand ‘Christeyns by Saprena’.

Christeyns has now been working with Saprena for more than ten years. The company has 400 employees spread over five locations. They are responsible for filling the 100 ml bottles of Christeyns’ Phago’rub Gel SPS, a disinfectant that was produced by our colleagues in Vertou, near Nantes. Saprena is a so-called ‘Entreprise Adaptée’, a social enterprise where more than half of the employees have a physical or intellectual disability. Saprena has big names among its customers, such as aircraft manufacturer Airbus and the French railways (SNCF).

Under the ‘Christeyns by Saprena’ brand, we will now also supply disinfectants to Disneyland Paris, both for visitors to the theme park and for staff. The products will be produced in Vertou and packaged by Saprena. A warm collaboration to give children and families an unforgettable, but above all, safe day.