Hygiene solutions for elderly care homes

Ensuring top hygiene standards in elderly care facilities

As the global elderly population is projected to triple by 2050, Christeyns is committed to meeting the hygiene needs of care homes, ensuring residents‘ well-being through innovative, effective, and eco-friendly solutions.

Health & hygiene: Christeyns emphasizes the critical role of hygiene in protecting the physical and mental health of elderly residents. Our comprehensive product range supports a clean and safe environment, reducing the risk of infections and enhancing residents‘ quality of life.

Cleaning with care: Our intuitive products and dosing systems are designed for ease of use, ensuring efficiency and consistency in cleaning practices. This allows caregivers to dedicate more time to resident care, while also promoting the health and well-being of staff.

Cleaning green: Christeyns’ GREEN’R range offers eco-friendly, high-performance cleaning products. These solutions are formulated with biodegradable ingredients and sustainable packaging, minimizing environmental impact while maintaining superior cleaning standards.

Disinfection: Effective disinfection is vital in preventing infections. Christeyns provides a variety of disinfectants tailored to the specific needs of care facilities, ensuring thorough and safe disinfection practices.

Hygiene standards & training: We adhere to stringent hygiene standards and provide comprehensive training through the Christeyns Academy, equipping staff with the knowledge and skills to implement effective cleaning protocols.


Solutions for every application:
  • Textile care: Our CARETEX and PRO-FIT ranges address the unique laundry needs of care homes, ensuring cleanliness and longevity of fabrics.
  • Kitchen hygiene: With products like RELAVIT and Duo Solid, we ensure kitchens remain hygienic, preventing foodborne illnesses and maintaining overall health.
  • Interior cleaning & floor care: The LUFRA and FLOORIT ranges ensure all surfaces and floors are impeccably clean, enhancing comfort and safety.
  • Washroom & toilet cleaning: LUFRA products cater to the specific needs of washroom maintenance, addressing mobility and hygiene challenges.
  • Scents & fresheners: The ADOR range offers various fragrances to maintain a pleasant olfactory environment, enhancing the overall ambiance of care facilities. Read more about odour control and air quality in elderly care here.


Christeyns is dedicated to providing solutions that promote a healthier, safer, and more comfortable living environment for elderly residents, supporting caregivers in their essential roles. For more information, explore our brochure here or contact us!