The next generation dishwashing solutions

We are happy to bring our new baby to the dishwashing market: the DUO Solid concept unites a solid detergent product with a solid rinse product in one and the same dosing unit.  This 2-in-1 dosing system is unique concept for automatic dishwashing.

Solid products are not a new phenomenon on the institutional market. They have been used for many years, mainly in the dishwashing area. The innovation lies within the combination of both rinse and detergent solid capsules in one dosing unit. Generally, the solid detergent is accompanied by a liquid or powder rinse product through a separate dosing system. With DUO solid, we go for an all in one solution where both detergent and rinse come in a solid composition and can be precisely dosed by one and the same, compact dosing unit.

About the concept

The dosing unit of DUO Solid doses both the detergent and rinse product directly into the dishwashing flow. This automated and computer-controlled dosing action ensures a more accurate and constant product level in the dishwashing process compared to a manual or hydraulic dosing action. This means savings on product use throughout the complete dishwashing flow.

Next to the dosing unit, there are the product capsules that are compatible with the system. The GREEN’R Autodish Solid is an ultra-concentrated alkaline detergent with high degreasing power. The solid detergent carries the EU Ecolabel (ES-V/038/006) and comes in 5kg solid capsules.

For the rinse part, we use the 3.6 kg GREEN’R Rinse Solid capsules. GREEN’R Rinse Solid is an ultra-concentrated acid rinse aid that has already proven its efficacy in practice. With test cases at different water hardness levels, the product takes care of a fast and homogenous drying process, trace-free glasses and a sparkling finish, even on plastic serving trays.

Why choose for solids?

Different than liquid products, solids have a much higher density. This makes them more compact: they take less volume, are lighter and easier to handle. One solid detergent capsule equals 25kg of comparable liquid detergent. This means that 80% less weight is carried and transported.

Less weight to carry implies also a more ergonomic dishwashing process for your employees. On top of that the solid condition of the products eliminates the risk of splashing or spilling. Employees will never come in direct contact with the product making it a user-friendly and safe dishwashing solution.

Importance of the dishwashing process

Of course, there is more than just using the right products when doing the dishes. Did you know that only 5% of your dishwashing costs can be allocated to the product use? More than 50% of the costs can be traced back the correct workflow and processes.

That is why we want to highlight some key factors in managing the operation costs of your dishwashing process. One of the most important rules is: avoid rewash. Rewash means you have to run through the whole washing cycle again: doubling your product use, doubling your utility use, doubling your water consumption and doubling your time.

The solution is quite easy and begins with maintaining your dishwasher and ensuring regular cleaning of the jets, wash arms, strainer, filter and curtains of your machine. Next, pre-scrapping, pre-rinsing and racking your dishes in the correct way, can make a huge difference for the efficiency of the dishwashing process and controlling the product consumption.

Last but not least, respecting the indicated cleaning and rinsing temperatures make sure food borne illnesses are avoided, utility costs are kept under control and your dishes dry quick and homogeneously. These 3 tips can already bring you a whole step closer to the perfectly shiny dishwashing result.


What’s in it for you?

So why would you make the change to a dosing system with solid products?

  1. The combination of very precise dosing and highly concentrated products makes sure you have more control over your product consumption and thus results in product savings. The cost-in-use of solids is lower compared to liquids.
  2. Next to that, solids are very compact in volume which implies less transport, less storage and less floor space taken. This reduces your operation costs as well.
  3. The lightweight and compact packaging makes the solid products easier to handle so operators can work with them in a more ergonomic way.
  4. Also splashing, spilling or direct contact with the product is not possible. The safety for employees is guaranteed.
  5. Colour coded equipment and product labels make the system dummy-proof, to minimize human error.
  6. The GREEN’R Autodish Solid carries the EU Ecolabel (ES-V/038/006) and 1 empty solid capsule contains 90% less packaging material than a comparable 25kg cannister for liquid detergents. Together with the reduction of the transport needed for solids and the lower product consumption of the system, this brings us a sustainable and future-proof concept.



The DUO Solid is mainly recommended for tunnel washers, but can also work for single tank machines with high rotation. First installations have been done in hospitals and hotels, and also for caterers and bigger restaurants we see the DUO Solid as an efficient solution for automatic dishwashing. Do you have another type of dishwashing machine or a lower rotation? Of course we have alternatives and custom-made solutions for your business. There are the standard liquid machine ware washing products in canisters, but also our new 10L CUBOX (bag-in-box) concept or 3L product pouches can fit your needs. Also the classic dish tabs for front loaders or bar dishwasher are available in the Christeyns range.


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