Summer means plancha

A fresh drink, a delicious sauce and some grilled food: the perfect recipe for a warm summer evening with friends or family. Restaurants and hotels are therefore heating their planchas and grills already to offer their guests an unforgettable night around their tables.

But what about the aftermath? Struggling to remove persistent charred fat from your grill and make your plancha shine again?

Christeyns developed an EU Ecolabeled formula to easily remove carbonised grease from hot surfaces such as planchas, ovens, deep fryers, frying pans and grills. The GREEN’R Degreaser 150°C is a ready-to-use product that allows the cleaning of your plancha and grill without rubbing. The product should be used on hot surfaces (+150°C) to activate the degreasing components of the product. This allows to clean your plancha or grill during use in between shifts or different dishes like meat and fish. There is no risk of splashing, nor release of harmful vapors.

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Green’R Degreaser 150°C product information.