Simplify and enhance your cleaning routine with the Christeyns Monodose range

The Christeyns Monodose range let you discover the convenience of single-use cleaning products for different surfaces and areas. Whether you need to clean floors, maintain textiles, ensure kitchen hygiene or spruce up interiors, the prepacked, ready-to-use doses will simplify your cleaning process, save your time and make you able to work cost efficient without compromising on performance.

What is it?

The Monodose line mainly offers liquid detergent products, encapsulated with a highly water-soluble film that fully dissolves during any type of washing or cleaning process, even in cold water. The range is completed by solid tabs, blocks and powder detergents in convenient disposable sachets, catering to all your cleaning needs. The one-shot packaging makes these products a convenient and cost-efficient alternative to standard product packaging such as bottles or cannisters.

What are the benefits?

  • Manual measuring is a thing of the past with monodose products. Each dose provides an exact and correct amount of product needed, eliminating waste, leftovers and the risk of overdosing chemicals. This precision helps you to optimise product use and costs.
  • The compact and lightweight nature of the packaging makes it an easy to handle and store product. Reducing not only storage and transportation requirements, but also taking into account the ergonomics of your cleaning staff.
  • The packaging design ensures there is no direct contact with the cleaning product, safeguarding your cleaning staff from potential chemical exposure.
  • The airtight packaging also preservers the active ingredients of the cleaning products, maintaining their effectiveness by preventing exposure to light or air.

Environmental impact?

Going for monodose packaging is also an eco-conscious decision. The positive effect of the monodoses on the environment can be mainly attributed to the impact on manufacturing and logistics. The high concentration of the products requires less water and energy during the manufacturing process. Additionally, the compact packaging reduces weight, storage space, and transportation needs, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional, diluted liquid products.

NOTE: For the monodose liquids, Christeyns uses a polyvinyl alcohol film (PVOH): a commonly used detergent capsule film material which is highly soluble and recognised to be biodegradable. This solubility and biodegradable capacity ensures there is no concern for persistence or built up in the environment. The PVOH used in the liquid detergent capsules can not be confused with the so called microplastics: these are micro- or nano-sized plastic fragments that are not soluble or biodegradable and therefore accumulate and end up in our ecosystem cycles.

For whom?

The single-use packaging is adaptable to various environments, offering a fast and efficient cleaning solution in even very limited spaces. For example

  • small hospitality establishments,
  • public spaces like shopping malls
  • healthcare institutions’ waiting rooms and hallways
  • transport sector (trains, cruises, cargo ships)