Seminar : Listeria in the Food Industry – November 21st, 2019

Listeria monocytogenes is a malignant foodborne pathogen known to cause the infection listeriosis. It is commonly found in raw food products such as milk, meat, poultry, fish , raw vegetables and fruit. It has the ability to survive while refrigerated and will even grow at temperatures as low as 1°C. Needless to say that this bacteria can pose an important public health risk. Apart from the possible severe health problems, outbreaks can result in product recalls, plant shutdowns and a seriously damaged brand reputation.

Christeyns Food Hygiene hosts a scientific seminar on this important food safety issue. Guest speakers from, amongst others, Campden BRI, University of Ghent and ILVO will outline the problems concerning Listeria and offer possible solutions for optimal prevention and control.



Listeria Event Programme


For whom?

This seminar is intended for all food industry employees who are responsible for Food Safety and Quality (quality managers, production managers,…)


When & where

We welcome you at our seminar in Ghent (Belgium) on November 21st, from 9h00 tot +/- 15h30

Location : Communicatiecampus – Auditorium4 Sint-Denijslaan 485 9000 Gent

A nice lunch is included in the programme. 100% Listeria-free, of course.



We are fully booked! It is no longer possible to subscribe for this event.

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