Renewed certificate environmental management

BELGIUM (HQ) – Starting in 2004, the internationally recognized ISO 14001 certificate has labelled Christeyns as an ‘environmentally friendly organization’. Ever since we have renewed this certificate every three years. At the beginning of this month we were able to renew the certificate for another three years.

Better every year 

The certificate forces organizations to improve the way they protect the environment annually.

In this light, Christeyns engages with a housing company in Ghent were we will transfer our excess heat of the production site to heat up the nearby apartments and take the waste water of these same apartments and use it as process water. On top of that we have been a zero waste company for a long time. This means that our own waste water is collected and processed properly. One of our most recent initiatives is the purchase of a new dust removal unit to protect the lungs of our production staff.

“In the coming year, our Corporate Social Responsibility working group will do more than just focus on the environment. We will also take part in the VOKA Charter on Sustainable Entrepreneurship. This means we must set concrete goals and will be guided on how to achieve them. At the moment we are conducting a study to see if we can place solar panels on our factories and we will take a closer look at the sustainability and recycling process of our current packaging materials.

Let the future be green!