NEW: Phago’rub Gel SPS 50 ml

“Stay safe” wil probably be the most common wish when addressing your employees and business partners during the New Year period. But why not move from words to deeds and give them a hand disinfectant? In this way your message has more impact.

In the fight against the new COVID-19 coronavirus, clean and disinfected hands have been proven one of the most effective measurements. Our Phago’rub Gel SPS hand sanitising gel supports this statement by killing 99.99% of germs. The gel is now available in 50ml size, suited as a gift and to protect your employees or clients.

The Christeyns PHAGO-range was specifically developed for use in the medical sector. In contrast to numerous products of dubious quality and with too low alcohol percentages on the market, the PHAGO products are subjected to various tests and checked against strict criteria. It is proven and we claim with absolute certainty that the Phago’rub Gel SPS eleminates 99,99% of bacteria present on the hands. Phago’rub Gel SPS hand sanitiser is used in hospitals all over Europe.

50 ml Phago’rub gel SPS

  • ready-to-use alcoholic hand sanitiser
  • Developed for the medical sector
  • Registered biocide
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 121 bottles per box

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