Laundry Dashboard showcases latest developments on new website

Laundry Dashboard, a cooperative alliance between the Dutch company WSP Systems and Christeyns, is launching a new website this week at The launch has been prompted by the complete overhaul of this ‘performance management’ software for commercial laundries. Experience accumulated over the past eight years has been applied to thoroughly review and revise Laundry Dashboard, incorporating state-of-the-art techniques. The user-friendliness of the dashboards and the reports is one area on which the developers have focused their attention. Laundry Dashboard 2.0 also benefits from the latest findings in the fields of safety, maintenance and sustainability, and the system is now much faster.

As well as showcasing Laundry Dashboard 2.0, the new site also provides information about the Start, Pro and Premium versions of the system. The info sheet available for download on the site explains all there is to know about the functionalities of these three software options. In this way, Laundry Dashboard is able to offer a version of this innovative software to suit every laundry.

The fundamentals of Laundry Dashboard have not changed. Laundry Dashboard still provides real-time insight into the various types of performance occurring in a laundry. Whether the issue involved is employee performance, machine performance or consumption, immediate insight is available whenever and wherever it is needed. And even more importantly, the various performances can be adjusted and improved immediately. Simply by using Laundry Dashboard Start, you can achieve a productivity gain of at least 4 % by measuring employee productivity! In addition, it is easy to measure branches against a benchmark, and thanks to innovative links with other systems, Laundry Dashboard even provides insight into cost price and profitability, at both the customer and product level. An essential tool for any laundry keen to face the future prepared.

The new website can be seen at If you would like more information, please send an email to or call +31 (0)317 – 702 977.