How Christeyns CONNECT can bring peace of mind

Our ambition to empower our customers goes beyond providing innovative detergents and solutions for water and energy savings. This time we developed a new remote assistance concept: Christeyns CONNECT.

This concept is designed to identify and solve issues quickly thanks to real time collaboration between our remote experts and on-site personnel using smart glasses technology. With this solution, our customers can benefit from increased productivity and reduced costs associated with rework or travel for experts.

“The introduction of Christeyns CONNECT is more than a mere step forward, it’s a leap into a new era of support, where sustainability takes centre stage,” said Peter Bauwens, Vice President Laundry Technology Europe. “This tool is a game-changer, offering seamless remote assistance that not only gets the job done faster but also saves our customers valuable time and resources.”

How it works

By activating the Christeyns CONNECT software loaded onto approved RealWear smart glasses, our experts can view what field technicians on-site are seeing in real time through video and audio streaming. Meanwhile field technicians receive instructions displayed in high quality while keeping their hands free – empowering them to work with enhanced efficiency and safety.

No boundaries

Beyond troubleshooting, customers can use the application for internal training, inter-site communication and process optimisation, illustrating its potential to streamline operations and improve collaboration across organisational boundaries. Customers can also invite other suppliers to log in on the Christeyns CONNECT platform, allowing seamless communication and live video streaming.

“By offering a remote assistance solution, we aim to empower our customers to improve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, all while steering towards a more sustainable future, concludes Peter Bauwens.

Get connected and contact your Christeyns representative for more information about our Christeyns CONNECT subscription model.

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