Every drop counts

Saving water has long been a priority for us, not only at our own premises but helping customers save water is a key element in the sustainable solutions we offer.

Recently, we took a further initiative in dealing sustainably with water and heat by supplying residual heat to the nearby residential area ‘Nieuwe Dokken’. This district with 400 housing units in turn supplies 30,000 m3 of filtered waste water to our headquarters in Ghent, which is used as process water in production.

We are very much aware of the amount of water used across the textile care industry for example, from the growing of cotton for linens to the washing and pressing of these everyday items.  Saving water is crucial for the future of the planet but also for the industry in being able to continue to provide high standards of service whilst keeping utility costs low.  It also means that by using less water and reusing as much as possible, less effluent will end up being deposited in the environment.

It’s a win win for all concerned.