Discover our Fragrance Portfolio for fabric softeners

Although fabric softeners were introduced to the market with the primary function of fabric softening, today their use goes beyond softness. Consumers are expecting more than just the ordinary features and are demanding additional benefits, of which perfume is key. To meet these requirements, we developed new perfumes for existing fabric softeners.

For example, Bisoft Perla now releases notes of citrus and bergamot. Another example is Bisoft Duo, which seduces with a new perfume of musk and green leaves. To help our laundry customers to easily match a fragrance with a specific application, we designed a fragrance wheel featuring all our perfumes.

Nonetheless, end-users with sensitive skin or allergy problems can also benefit from our fabric softeners. These hypo-allergenic softeners do not contain any perfume and are therefore skin-friendly. These softeners are perfect to target children day care centres.

Discover our Fragrance Portfolio.