Christeyns @Interclean 2022

After a global pandemic we are ready to meet you again at Interclean 2022. We want to shake hands, sit together, have a drink and talk about how your needs and demands have changed. In the meantime, we have not been idle. We expanded our portfolio of professional hygiene products for different applications and strengthened our ecological product range. We will meet you with ergonomic and compact packaging, equipment for precise and economical dosing and with a big smile! Find us in HALL 1, STAND 01441.

Are you curious?

Keep an eye on this page and get inspired by our GREEN’R solutions in the meantime. To be continued…


Experts in Textile Care, game changers in Professional Hygiene

There’s a big chance that you heard about Christeyns as an Industrial Laundry specialist. With over more than 75 years of expertise in textile care, wash process have no secrets for us : we minimise the product use and maximise water re-use at the same time, we know the exact product quantity in the wash cycle by heart and can monitor all parameters of the washing flow in real time. Not to forget, we also remove all kinds of stains imaginable with the blink of an eye. In short, we are experts in the field and the laundry is our home.

We’ve used this knowledge of industrial wash processes and created a dedicated product range for smaller, on-premise laundries. We went for products that are easily applicable in laundry facilities of hotels, elderly homes, hospitals, wellness centres, restaurants and so on. Products tailored to your business and your laundry. Because we care for textiles.

The dedicated CARETEX range consists of detergents, fabric conditioners, bleaching agents and alkaline boosters to guarantee a consistent supply of fresh and hygienic linen for your guests or residents. Both powder and liquid products are available, in updated and ergonomic packaging such as bag-in-box and 7kg handle bags. Not to forget that a fully EU Ecolabelled product pack was included to take care of your non delicates from the pre-wash until the softening. Because ecological products are no longer the alternative, but now also set the standard.

And then there was something to say about dedicated dosing systems and washing with ozone… let’s catch up on this topic at Interclean! HALL 1 STAND 01.441


Green, GREEN’R, Greenest

When talking about ecological cleaning solutions we’ve noticed that our clients and partners are often sceptical: Are you sure we will be able to clean everything with it? Will the products have a nice perfume? And can you confirm that these aren’t just water-diluted products? Well… YES, YES and YES! The ecological product range from Christeyns, called GREEN’R, contains more than 88 products that carry the EU ECOLABEL. And this is not just a label.

The EU Ecolabel was developed in 1992 and has continuously been updated and improved over the years, offering answers to the evolving markets and mindset. It evaluates products in terms of

  • The use of raw materials (minimum use of raw materials, biodegradable surfactants, ban on hazardous materials)
  • The way the product is produced (traceability of the raw materials and finished products, meeting of ISO standards)
  • The packaging (less packaging, no secondary packaging, in favour of concentrated products)
  • And most important: the performance. Strict controls, tests and evaluations make sure the ecological products are performing equally or even better than a market reference or classic/standard counterpart product. In this light, we can assure you that the cleaning capacity of our GREEN’R products is on point!

In the meantime, the GREEN’R products have found their way throughout the complete professional hygiene portfolio of Christeyns. From degreasers and descalers for your kitchen, over glass washing and rinse products for you automated dishwasher. Not to forget about products for sanitary rooms and toilets, for windows and different types of surfaces, for floors and hands. There is even a complete ecological multi-component system for your textile cleaning. We have products that are ready-to-use, but also ultra-concentrated formulas. Some products come in small pouches, other come in 10l bag-in-boxes of 3kg solid cartridges. The possibilities are endless, and we are learning and improving every day.

I hear you thinking ‘but have you already thought about the carbon footprint and fully recyclable packaging?’. Yes, we did, because we do not only want to meet the standards, we want to think ahead and offer futureproof, ecological products for the next generation. GREEN’R 2.0. is in the making.

Keep in touch and get inspired at Interclean 2022.