Avian Influenza, something to worry about?

Avian Influenza includes a large group of viruses that can infect all species of birds. In 1997, infections with the Avian Influenza (H5N1) virus were first reported in China. The highly pathogenic H5N1 strain can kill domestic poultry in less than 48h. Since 2003, this avian virus has spread from Asia to Europe and Africa, and has become entrenched in poultry populations in some countries. Many times waterfowls are carrier of the disease.

An outbreak of Avian Influenza (H5N8-strain) in Russia and Kazachstan has spread to Europe in autumn/winter 2020, bringing the disease back to the attention. The general public has no reason to fear: most Avian Influenza viruses do not cause disease in humans. Transmission of the virus to humans occurs only on very rare occasions, and only through close contact with infected birds. Poultry meat and eggs can be eaten without any danger, provided they are properly cooked.

Christeyns offers hygiene solutions for the prevention and control of the virus in several applications such as hand hygiene, floor and surface cleaning and textile hygiene. Read more about the virus, the transmission of it, symptoms and precautionary measures here.