10 year Cool Chemistry!

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey of innovation – the 10th anniversary of Cool Chemistry!

A decade ago, in 2013, we embarked on a remarkable mission to revolutionise the professional Textile Care industry. Our vision was clear: to develop an advanced wash process that would redefine industry norms and contribute to a more sustainable future. Cool Chemistry was born, and it proved to be a game-changer, enabling washing at lower temperatures, saving energy, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental impact.

Cool Chemistry’s standout feature is the on-site production of bleach (Cool Brite) and disinfectant (Cool Asepsis). Thanks to Cool Box technology, the concentrated components are precisely measured, mixed with water, and integrated into the wash process, resulting in efficient and stable formulations. This innovative approach eliminates the need for transporting water, reducing carbon emissions dramatically.

Cool Chemistry paved the way for the laundry services in the hospitality, healthcare, and workwear sectors to achieve unprecedented results in soil removal, whiteness, bleaching, and disinfection at temperatures as low as 40°C.

As we celebrate this milestone, we want to express our gratitude to our team, dedicated partners, and loyal customers who believed in the power of Cool Chemistry.

Here’s to the next ten years of Cool Chemistry – a future where sustainability meets excellence, where innovation knows no bounds.

Stay Cool. Be EPIC!

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